I Panini di Ambra's Catering Service

Panini di Ambra has created a new, healthy catering menu to support simple lunches, second meals, background actors meals, courtesy meals, private parties, and lunch meetings.

Healthy Italian gourmet grilled sandwiches (panini) will replace: pizza, burgers, subway sandwiches, Mexican and American fast-food in general.

"Panini" are comparable in prices and will provide a healthy, tasty, warm choice of delicate meals to people who work tough and long hours.

Each "panini" is about six inches long and is cut in two to give the opportunity to our clients to try more than one variety.  We usually offer between four and five different types of original Italian style panini, including vegetarian.

Our bread is homemade and its ingredients are 100% natural, our meats and cheeses are top quality mostly imported from Italy and our vegetables mostly organic.  We also made available: green salads, pasta salads, grilled chicken, grilled vegetables, piadine and panini desserts (nutella).  If you would have any special requests, please let us!  We will be happy to comply with any special cravings.

What do we need?  Just a couple of folding tables and and power outlets to provide you with a tasty hot panini meal!  We will do the rest and will grill everything at your location, also for second meals.  We deliver to studios, offices, and on location.

Contact us to book your "Panini" Catering experience!