Mini Deli Menu's Pricing






Misc.PelatiMutti$10.00 per canPeeled canned tomatoes
Misc.Extra Virgin Olive OilGasparro$18.00 per 1 literItalian (Calabrese) top quality
Misc.Extra Virgin Oil 1 gallonGenco$27.30 per tinBlended of extra virgin oil
Misc.Coffee GrindedGaia$18.00 per poundOur house coffee for espresso
Misc.Lady FingersBonomi$10.00 per packageN/A
Misc. Pizza DoughHomemade$1.50 per ball1 pizza dough ball feeds 1 person
CheeseBocconciniGioia$7.00 per poundMini cherry size mozzarellas
CheeseMozzarellaGioia$7.00 per poundMozzarella Balls
CheeseNodiniGioia$7.00 per poundMini mozzarella knots
CheeseBurrataGioia$12.00 per poundCreamy mozzarella
CheeseStracchino or CrescenzaBelgioioso$12.00 per poundCreamy Italian Highend cheese
CheeseMascarponeBelgioioso $7.00 per pound1 tub
Cheese Provolone MildDomestic$5.00 per poundN/A
CheeseProvolone SmokedDomestic$6.00 per poundN/A
CheeseScamorza ClassicGioia$9.00 per poundDry mozzarella
CheeseScamorza SmokedGioia$11.00 per pound N/A
CheeseRicottaGioia$5.00 per poundCannoli cheese
CheesePrimosaleGioia$12.00 per wheelSmall wheel
CheeseParmigiano ReggianoGrassi$9.00 per poundGrana
CheeseGorgonzolaVariousTBDDepends on brand
CheeseGoat CheeseVarious$10.00 per unitN/A
CheeseBriePresident$17.00 per wheelCan be sold by half or quarter
Meat Prosciutto CottoParmacotto$13.00 per poundImported
MeatProsciutto CrudoDomestic$12.00 per poundN/A
MeatMortadellaParmacotto$11.00 per poundImported
MeatSopressataBeretta$16.00 per poundImported
MeatBresaolaBeretta$29.24 per poundImported 
MeatSpeckRecla$19.62 per poundImported Alto Adige
MeatRoast BeefDomestic$7.50 per poundDomestic
Meat Turkey NaturalDomestic$7.00 per poundDomestic (no nitrates or hormones) 
MeatTurkey DeliDomestic$5.50 per poundDomestic
MeatSmoked HamDomestic$8.50 per poundDomestic Pit
MeatCoppaBeretta $18.00 per poundImported